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Fuel Management

Fleet managers of the world are quickly integrating fuel management systems to their fleet management platform, and so should you. 

  • Tracking fuel reduces 30% of your fuel costs.

  • Eliminate 90% of fuel thefts.

  • See improvement in vehicle mileages and fuel consumptions.

Route Optimisation

Our software uses complex algorithms to analyze optimized routes, so you can streamline driver dispatching, on-demand consumer requests, and bottom-line productivity.

Savings on fuel costs

Minimising maintenance costs

reducing repetitive administrative tasks

keeping up with time sensitive deliveries​


  • Get maintenance reminders via SMS, email, and push notifications.

  • System auto-resets schedules based on the date of acknowledgment.

  • Know which vehicle or equipment is ready for servicing or repair.

  • You’ll significantly boost vehicle performance, uptime, and efficiency

Tire Management

Improper tire pressures and temperatures can lead to skidding or adverse tire-related mishaps. Always make sure your tires are properly inflated 

  • Increase Overall Safety

  • Reduce Corrective Maintenance

  • Build better fuel economy

  • Decrease fleets braking distance

Job Module

Perfect for creating & monitoring tasks, the job module has become an essential part of FMCG, trucking, delivery management, and waste collection businesses

  • Configure delivery start and endpoints.

  • Get notified of failed or successfully completed tasks.

  • Customise buffer or halt time between deliveries


  • Analytics includes summaries, reports and charts.

  • See which vehicles have higher cost-per-km than the rest.

  • Eliminate all money draining habits for higher profit.

  • Analyse driver performance by reviewing ratings and driving violations.

Temperature Management

Say your consumable goods like milk, meat are in transit. Sadly, your drivers are running late. Time is ticking. Late delivery means spoiled products & unhappy customers. 

  • Alerts on temperature changes

  • Change temperatures with a single click.


With customized alerts, you can really drill down & limit costly behaviors

  • Set alerts for problematic driving behaviours

  • Customise alerts based on business requirements and policies

  • Help protect your fleet and lower losses.

  • respond to on road issues in real time​.


  • Dashboards give you a 360°view of your account. It has one-click access to all metrics that you need to make your business more productive:

  • Check up on the number of active or idle vehicles.

  • View alerts and maintenance reminders on the dashboard

  • Get insights into profitable as well as money costing trends.


Imagine being able to unlock consignments that are halfway across the world with a single click? Elocks work like magic. They'll tell you how many times your consignment was opened, or how far has it traveled, and what route it is on-all in a single click!


Geofence areas that are important to your business and get notified when a fleet leaves or enters these geofenced premises:

  • 360-degree view of your fleet

  • Respond proactively

  • Boost productivity

  • Fewer losses due to theft or pilferage.

Transparency & Visibility

  • Driver Monitoring System (DMS)

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

  • Live Streaming and Playback

  • Live Tracking Screen

  • OBD Parameters

  • Driver Performance

  • Expense Monitoring​

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